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6th Form Development

Heatherwood 6th for has recently undergone some change.  Due to the need for expansion of 6th form provision within the authority, Heatherwood was asked to facilitate a new 6th form provision, within the current 6th form, that would meet the needs of pupils with a range of mild learning difficulties.

6th form

The current provision for our existing 6th form has remained unchanged, with students working along a highly personalized learning journey, which meets their individual needs.  Pupils continue to work within the 6th form unit and the physical provision has been expanded, giving pupils the opportunity to learn in a variety of ways, to best suit their individual learning style.

Pupils learning is planned through a variety of enriching activities and accreditation, linked to real-life skills and independent living skills.  Pupils work is accredited through ASDAN and Equals.  Their learning is based on units from these two assessment bodies and is assessed at the end of the year after being sent for moderation.

The Key

The new 6th form provision has been name ‘The Key’, as we see the provision as a progression and provision to support the pupils in unlocking their futures and achieving their full potential.  We currently have 5 pupils in the key, who began their academic year at the satellite provision at Stone Hill School. Whilst the physical building work was being completed at Heatherwood.  The pupils moved over to Heatherwood after Easter and have settled brilliantly.

The learning environment is ideal to suit the needs of the pupils in the Key and has a very grown up feel to it.  The pupils in the Key have a personalized learning journey, which aims towards the pupils becoming more independent and achieving employment after leaving school.  We undertake a variety of activities both within school and within the wider community to develop life and living skills, alongside work and employability skills. 

The Prince’s trust Achieve program also forms a part of the students learning and accreditation.  This is a recognized organization for accreditation and is being used in mainstream as well as special schools, to support pupil’s development in a range of contexts and give them valuable experiences and understanding that will help them to become more independent individuals as they move into the world of work and independent living.

The pupils work towards Entry Levels in both English and Math’s, to suit their individual learning need.  Learning is undertaken in a variety of context and embedded within real-life situations, to ensure that pupils are able to take the knowledge that they gain in school and are able to use it in a wider context.  Each week pupils attend Doncaster College, which forms part of their curriculum offer, and also aids towards smooth transition should the pupils choose to move onto the college once they have completed 6th form.  The pupils also take part in work experience on a regular basis, develop employability skills in real-life situations.

Our 6th form has expanded

We have just finished the building work to expand our new 6th form provision.

We have some students who were at a satellite provision at Stone Hill School, who have now joined us at Heatherwood at the start of the summer term.  

Within the new 6th form provision, the pupils take part in work experience, regular days at College to develop they work and employability skills.   Alongside this we work on developing the soft skills for employment, such as communication, working as part of a group and following instructions, alongside developing life and independent living skills, such as travel training and money.  The pupils also work towards achieving accreditation through the Prince's Trust Achieve programme.


The Building Work. 

Part of school has been redeveloped to accommodate the new 6th form provision. Here are some photos of the work as it is was being done. 





 April 2019

The building work is complete and the students have moved in. Here are some shots of the new Common room that has been furnished by our kind friends at IKEA!