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Mission Statement and Termly Overviews

Welcome to the ARC

The ARC class Team consists of

Suzanne (Class Teacher), Jo (Senior LSA), Mandy (LSA), Nic (LSA), Ayla (LSA Apprentice), Jane (LSA) Liza (GA), Lisa (GA), Jane (GA) and Jess (GA)

Heatherwood School’s Mission Statement

Seeking to develop a better tomorrow for all learners, with profound and complex needs, through a holistic blend of quality first teaching experiences; celebrating pupils’ strengths along a highly personalised learning journey.

In The ARC we will endeavour to achieve this by:

  • Adopting a team approach to meet the complex needs of the pupils, whilst respecting individuality, dignity and diversity.
  • Creating an immersive sensory environment, tailored to meet the individual needs of all the pupils who access The ARC, allowing opportunities for everyone to achieve their full potential.
  • Supporting and promoting independence to enhance life skills in happy, safe and secure surroundings.
  • Enabling pupil expression through their preferred method of communication.
  • Recognising achievement and celebrating success at every opportunity.


What we are learning in the autumn term:

Our Topic this term is: Our School, Our Community


 We will continue to: follow our sensory stories, Tac Pac, Rebound and Sensology sessions.    

During this term we will be focusing on our school environment both inside and out. We like to spend time in the sensory garden and the wildlife garden experiencing the weather and the different smells of the plants.

We will be exploring rough textures with our hands and feet, along with vibrations on the resonance board. We will be experiencing ultra violet lights, tapping with the drums and cymbals and citrus smells.

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