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Mission Statement and Termly Overviews

Welcome to the Spring Term in Red Class

The RED class Team consists of

Karen (Class Teacher),Karen (LSA)  Beth (GA), Sue (GA), Ione (apprentice LSA),.Amanda (carer) Sally, Jade, Vicky (carers)

Our Class Governor is Tracey Severn

Heatherwood School’s Mission Statement

Seeking to develop a better tomorrow for all learners, with profound and complex needs, through a holistic blend of quality first teaching experiences; celebrating pupils’ strengths along a highly personalised learning journey.

Red Class Team will endeavour to achieve this by:

  • Encourage positive relationships with staff and peer.
  • Promote independent learning through individualized targets.
  • To work as a team to ensure the smooth transition towards sixth form
  • To celebrate achievements and learning with the whole class.


What we are learning in the summer term:

Our Topics this term are: Water and Making a Meal

Red class are close weather watchers already so we will be learning more about the water cycle and the sea that surrounds the British Isles!  We will be uncovering folk tales like the story of Grace Darling, and we will sing sea shanties and look at songs by people like the ‘Fisherman’s Friends’.  If you know of any folk lore that you would like to pass on to us- please do!


We will also learn a little about the seabirds that visit our Yorkshire Coast, particularly the Puffins!


Of course, in cookery we will investigate how our young people can make healthy meals for themselves and others.  We will be very keen to use ‘Heatherwood-grown’ produce where possible. 

We will continue to:

Work on our reading, writing and maths skills and use weekly opportunities to increase peer to peer communication (verbal, gesture and symbol).  We will promote a healthy lifestyle and will play games and go outside to enjoy the fresh air and outdoor play.  We will go out into the sensory garden to nurture the plants and flowers we will be growing.  We will learn to be independent through cookery, moving around school and undertaking ‘jobs’ that help others.  We will learn about the world around us through Newsround and our weekly debates.  Most importantly, we will learn how to consider others and be kind and thoughtful.

During the summer term Red Class will be exploring our topic –‘Water’. Our topic book will be- Marli's Tangled Tale


The topic links nicely with our Science Week activities this year that will also focus on the WATER Theme.