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Mission Statement and Termly Overviews

Welcome to the 6th form

The 6th form class Team consists of

Sam (Class Teacher), Ashleigh (Cover Supervisor), Maria (LSA),  Sol (GA), Jane (GA)

Our Class Governor is Gary Bullock

Heatherwood School’s Mission Statement

Seeking to develop a better tomorrow for all learners, with profound and complex needs, through a holistic blend of quality first teaching experiences; celebrating pupils’ strengths along a highly personalised learning journey.

In 6th form we will endeavour to achieve this by:

* Promoting independence wherever possible in preparation for independent living.

* Preparing pupils for leaving Heatherwood through offering quality transition.

* Continually striving to help develop, nurture and enhance the life experiences of the pupils in our care within school and within the local community.

* Foster positive relationships with pupils and parents.

* Support, develop and consolidate pupil’s independent living skills through appropriate real life experiences and quality work experience.

* Consistently aiming to use real life situations for 6th form pupils to enable and empower them to acquire independent living skills.

What we are learning in the summer term:

  • Growing & Caring for plants
  • Planning &Preparing food for an event
  • Understanding what money is used for; Eating out
  • Developing skills for the workplace; getting things done

In English, Maths and ICT we will be looking at;

  • Group discussion & Debate
  • Enterprise
  • Design, corporate images, logos


We will continue to: (include information about activities you will be doing and opportunities for communication and outdoor learning)

During the summer term we will be visiting garden centres to look for plants and will be using seeds and seedlings to grow our own and learn how to care for them.  We will be looking at seeds, light, water and all related activities to do with Growing and caring for plants.

We will decide upon a special event that we want to take part in, such as a visit to somewhere special at the end of the year.  We will look at how we can plan for the event, including cost (money and what it is used for), travel, food and any other aspects of the event that we might need.

For our enterprise topic we will look at what we might make and sell at the School’s summer fair, look at and design our own logos and begin to make items to sell. 

We will continue to build upon our life skills and independent living skills and will continue to go on regular visits into the local community to develop our social and community participation skills.